For many years I have had the absolute pleasure of discovering, meeting, working with and purchasing from many amazing black and female owned brands and as the Editor at I wanted to take this opportunity to share my favourites, old and new, for you to check out and buy from this year!

This list is for EVERYONE! Whether you buy from black owned businesses all the time or never have done so before; these incredible brands have something for everyone and are certainly worthy of your spend!

You can only image the circumstances that would lead to the chilling words that make up the title of this article… but where is she now?

My name is Crystal Emmanuel and I welcome you to my Authors of Colour series. Thank you for joining me.

All authors have their reasons to write. Their motivation to pick up a pen. Their urge to turn on their laptop and type for hours on end. The impulse pushing them to record audio and pour everything out. …

Why should you support black owned businesses this festive period?

Have you ever purchased from a black business before? Maybe you always do, maybe you never have or maybe you simply do not know! Whatever the case, it’s still clear that many people do not necessarily understand why it’s important / necessary that they make the effort to support black businesses

When it comes to personal and business finance, a person’s race can have a significant impact on their ability to build wealth, whether you’d like to acknowledge it or not. Today’s wealth gap has many roots, one of which…

This early morning I lay here in my bed before sleep, procrastinating about whether or not to post an #EndSars image with a caption on my Instagram. Not because I was unsure as to whether or not SARS should end. I am by no means unsure as to whether it should end, to free the people of Nigeria from this pointless, heartless, soulless clench a-hold of power, through shameful and gutless brutality on innocent people just trying to live their own lives. I am not unsure that this is yet another example of another group of thugs in uniforms, unleashed…

Crystal Emmanuel

Singer, Writer, Woman. Founder of

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